How to Check an Iimei Number For Android

How to Check an Iimei Number For Android

Every smart phone or mobile phone has a unique IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identity, number that acts as its unique identifying characteristic. When you buy a cell phone or smartphone, it will have this number. If you own a particular brand of phone (Verizon, BlackBerry, etc.) there is also a way to check your phone’s IMEI and find out who might have obtained it. Hackers can obtain access to this identifying number by exploiting a weakness in the network that most mobile networks employ to set up a connection with the mobile tower on which the telephone is connected.

how to check imei number


How to check IMEI number for Verizon here is how. To check for yourself, follow the below steps. Dial the Verizon Wireless customer support. If you are not connected to Verizon Wireless, you should try the other carriers in your area.


To check the phone status using your phone, go to Settings, General, then About. Look for the Product information. It should say something about Medicom and the number should be there. This number corresponds to your IMEI.


In case you are wondering how to check IMEI numbers of cell phones, this number also helps in tracking down owners of unlisted phone numbers. This way you can also check to see if the mysterious caller you have been receiving prank calls from is really the owner of the number you have been getting calls from. There are services that provide this capability. You can either pay for the service or simply download from the internet a software program that is capable of doing this task. They do it for a fee, that is, however, well worth your money.


It is possible to track down someone’s location through their cell phone IMEI and this is how to check an item number for android. The easiest way to accomplish this is through a search engine. Enter in the phrase the person’s IMEI is and also know the country where they are located.


How to check IMEI for your iPhone or any cell phone can be done using a software program. You can either purchase or download one from the internet. Be sure to find one that is easy to use. Just type in the number of the cell phone that you want to look up in the search box on the software program and hit the “Search” button. That is how to check an iPhone for an IMEI.

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