Photography Quotes - Why You Should Always Share What You Know

Photography Quotes – Why You Should Always Share What You Know

photography quotes

Many photographers use photography quotes to inspire themselves and help bring out the best in their images. In fact, some photographers use the quotes as an avenue to show their clientele how much they have improved their work overtime. Others, however, use photography quotes strictly to prove a point. While this may be true for some photographers, many others view them as a means of proving that they are better photographers than those who do not use quotes in their images. So which is the right way to view them?


The fact of the matter is that when you are photographing with a digital camera or using film, you need to have a certain level of confidence in yourself and your abilities. Without this sense of belief in your photography abilities, you will likely just give up on the whole thing at some point. Thus, it is absolutely necessary to have the proper mental attitude toward photography if you are going to be able to continue to photograph in this manner. This mental attitude can best be fostered through the use of photography quotes.


One of the most famous photography quotes is by American photographer Ernie Harlow, who is known for his intimate and stylish pictures. When he was photographing pregnant women, he would often ask the women if they minded if he took a picture of them in a certain position. If the answer was yes, he would ask if they minded posing with him in a certain way. As he explained it, he did not need any props to make these shots look striking because what he was really capturing was the soul of each individual image.


Many photographers feel that this is an essential part of taking truly good photographs. There are plenty of photographers who will tell you that they feel that this is an important part of their job and without it, their photography would be incomplete. Thus, inspirational photography quotes are a vital way for photographers to not only capture the essence of a special moment but to also get across some important messages to those subjects in the photograph.


Another great example of inspirational photography quotes is by American photographer Eric Giroux. In his book “How to photograph the Great Moments in Your Life”, he tells the story of how he was instructed by his uncle to take the very best photographs that he possibly could. He felt that this would help him develop into a better photographer and so began to focus on the quality of his images more than the technical aspects of his photography. Eventually, this resulted in him developing a series of highly respected books that continue to be discussed today. After reading some of these books, it is easy to see how Eric Garroux came to be one of the most popular and influential photographers of all time.


It may be hard to imagine that there are still people who do not give enough credit to the humble hobby of taking photographs. The truth is that photography has always been one of the most rewarding hobbies or passions that people can embark on. When you take a photograph that makes you feel happy and inspire you, then you have certainly accomplished what you set out to do. If you are someone who loves photography, you should never shy away from sharing your hobby, much less the simple tips that professional photographers give for beginners just like you who would like to take photos as much as possible.

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