Tips on Creating Amazing Street Photography Images

Tips on Creating Amazing Street Photography Images

Looking for some photography ideas? This article has been put together to provide some of the best and most exciting photography ideas to those looking for inspiration and ideas on how to take better pictures. There’s no doubt that taking really good pictures is a skill that can be learned and perfected over time. The great thing is that with the Internet and digital cameras becoming so affordable, you don’t have to invest a fortune in order to start taking fantastic pictures. Look no further.

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Have compiled a list of 50 of my favorite low-cost, yet highly effective photography ideas, ranging in size from small and compact to large and above. From simple everyday post-production edits through to elaborate day-round projects, you’re sure to get something to whet your photography appetite. Some of my favorite ideas include: taking simple stills and turning them into moving and creative artworks using post-production editing apps. Another idea that I use regularly is to capture a moving subject in a still position and then turn it into a moving object by cropping or adjusting the view until it matches up with my other images. This is very simple yet hugely effective.


Underwater photography ideas are incredibly popular. With a number of different settings, lenses, and settings, you can capture beautiful images from underneath the water. Here’s one example of an underwater image that I really love: the diver in a small capsule submerged down to the floor of a tank at the bottom of a lake or pond. The depth of the water will vary depending on the setting and the time of day, but you’ll certainly capture some amazing images this way. Another idea is to set up your camera on a tripod in a location where you think the water level is going to be high, and then take a series of shots as the water rises. I love these types of images because they often look like they have depth.


Macro photography is also very popular. This type of photography project doesn’t necessarily require any special equipment; however, some lenses to focus light to be able to create larger photos. There are also numerous techniques you can use with a macro lens such as a guiding light through the lens, stopping the lens right at the zenith, and so on. If you’re looking for some great macro ideas for your next photography project, make sure you check out what you can do with your camera lens.


As far as photo-per-day ideas go, you can also try and integrate as many different items into one large photo shoot. For instance, many people like to take photos of children at play, pets relaxing on walks, people at lunch in the park and so much more. You could even combine your photo-per-day ideas with your photo-shoot(s) in order to get a unique photo-shoot and unique image(s).


There’s also a technique called “depth of field” involved when taking street photography. Basically, this technique involves taking a photograph with your camera settings up close, but eliminating all other elements from the shot (usually the background or the objects being photographed). It’s a great technique to use if you have a point-and-shoot camera that doesn’t support professional post-processing. Post-processing such as enhancing and adding colors, shopping, etc. can make your photos look their best, but using post-processing techniques such as eliminating all of the backgrounds while taking a photo can make it seem as if the entire scene was captured at once and without post-processing.

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