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Launching an App for the First Time With Apps Evozi Landing Page

apps evozi landing page

Apps EVZI is the brainchild of Milan Kelari and Mark Ling, two stalwarts in the mobile industry. In 2021, the two launched their first iPhone app. The app has since gone on to become one of the most downloaded iPhone apps. It has also gone on to receive numerous awards for being the best smartphone app. Given its success, the company has now developed an extensive library of Android apps.


So what is so special about the App? First, it offers complete marketing solutions. A number of marketing options are available on the Android platform, but none of them are as comprehensive and feature-rich as the apps from Apps EVZI. This app delivers integrated search engine optimization, social media marketing, mobile app publishing, and mobile app distribution across a large range of devices. Moreover, the Android Market provides several other benefits, such as access to Google Maps, Google Play services, and the Android Market blog. Third, the app supports all the latest Android versions.


The basic design of the app is simple. Just like its iPhone version, the app is designed to be viewed on the iPhone’s wide screen. It has a clean layout that utilizes white space, so that the navigation is clear and the content easy to follow. The main menu of the app includes the features and sub menus. Each feature can be activated by tapping on the icon, or by clicking on a list of options from the main menu.


One major difference between the iPhone and Android apps is that the iPhone has a dedicated home page. The Home page of the app is designed to provide users with information about the developer, the company behind the development of the app, and a brief overview of features. On the other hand, the Android app does not have any home page, and users are directed to the main ‘Home’ page. As such, it is possible for an individual to visit the app’s Google Play Store application, and tap on a ‘download now’ button. From there, a user can choose any suitable app and install it onto his phone.


To install the app, the user taps on the ‘Google’ logo, and a dialogue box will appear. He can choose ‘install’ to start the installation process. After installing, the user will be given a unique device ID. He will also get a Setup Screen, which he can use to set up the app. If the user chooses to connect with Google, he will be asked to insert his valid Google account details. After this, the Google Play app will be installed onto the phone.


The two landing pages of the app are very different from one another. The iPhone app allows a user to search for a destination by typing in a phrase. For instance, if the user wants to travel to Los Angeles by plane, he can input “fly to Los Angeles” as a location. He has to do this by tapping on “Search” and then choosing “fleetto LA”. A list of flight airlines will be displayed, along with their destinations, along with the cost of tickets available for them.


The other landing page of the app allows a user to browse through recent searches, the most watched TV shows, movies and so forth. When a user taps on one of these links, he is taken back to the app. The same cycle is repeated when a user clicks on any one of the images loaded on the right side of the screen. Images used on this page include maps, ads, and buttons. They change according to the current location of the user on the map.


Once installed, these apps can be accessed from the iPhone’s home screen, and they can be used with any compatible smartphone or tablet. The two views are separated by a tap on “Home” on the app, and they can be viewed from any location on the platform. Users also have the option of accessing this app from their Facebook profile, as well as their Google+ profiles. All their contacts and connections also get updated with a simple push of a button. This makes it easy for users to keep in touch and stay connected with others.

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